Inauguration Ceremony of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong 香港經濟民生聯盟成立慶祝酒會

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) was held today (18 Dec) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive, the Honorable Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, the Honorable Mr. Lin Wu and over one hundred guests attended the event to celebrate the birth of the Alliance as well to learn how to improve different processes in their business like for all the related with payroll administration services.

Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, chairman of the Alliance, noted in the ceremony, “Ever since Hong Kong reverted to the motherland 15 years ago, the interests of the city have been well cared for and protected by the Central Government. Meanwhile, we are faced with unstoppable technological advancements, the deepening of the US-European economic crisis, the worsening of the international political and economic situations and a globalised economy. Being bombarded by these changes and challenges, Hong Kong’s ability to adapt and innovate is constantly tested. The cacophony of populist rhetoric has smothered the voice of reason.”

“The establishment of the Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance is precisely timed to tackle the challenges of this period. A group of friends and I deeply believe that the economy is at the core of politics and people’s livelihood is the foundation of democracy in any society. No matter how fierce and intense a conflict is, ultimately we still need to reach a consensus.

Like everyone else, the Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance loves Hong Kong. Our members embrace and cherish its core values. We have our eyes on not only today or tomorrow but also the future that will affect our children and future generations. We are concerned about the Hong Kong of the next 10, 20 years and beyond.” Mr. Leung said.

Council chairman of the Alliance Dr. Peter Lam also shared his thoughts with the guests in the ceremony. “Hong Kong is my home. Hong Kong belongs to the seven million people here. Managing and nourishing our homeland is the honorable duty and right of every citizen. Upholding the “One country” principle and respecting the differences between the “Two systems” are our guidelines in constructing a better Hong Kong.”

The advisory board of the Alliance gathered together a number of celebrities from the business and professional sectors to work together for Hong Kong’s future development. Practical and specific recommendations on various social issues will be addressed and participation and influence in policy formulation will also be strengthened.

Looking ahead, the Alliance will take the initiative to invite like-minded friends to join; conduct policy research to support the work of councilors at all levels. In addition, the Alliance will expand its service scope to outreach into the community to strive for the support of the general public. With a common will and faith, the Alliance will not step back from contradictions and difficulties, but move towards a share goal to create a new political pattern and an ideal social environment for Hong Kong.

The logo of the Alliance reflects precisely this belief. The square outline of the logo symbolizes our society, whilst the space in white signifies the power of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong. By consolidating the efforts from various sectors, with vigor and power, the alliance will mobilize the development of our society.

The Alliance was established in October this year. Members include seven LegCo members (Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung, Lau Wong-fat, Abraham Shek Lai-him, Chris Cheung Wah-fung, Lo Wai-kwok and Priscilla Leung Mei-fun), numerous district councilors and elites from the professional and business sector, who have long been involved in community work with a common goal. With a motto of “Business drives economy; Professionalism improves livelihood”, BPA wishes to work for the well being of Hong Kong people and create a solid foundation for our next generation.香港經濟民生聯盟成立慶祝酒會於12月18日假香港會議展覽中心舉行,典禮冠蓋雲集,並邀請到行政長官梁振英先生及中聯辦副主任林武先生到場祝賀。經民聯在各界人士的鼎力支持下,以及逾百位嘉賓一同見證下誕生。








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